The 360 kickflip (otherwise known as tre flips, 360 flips) consist of a 360 shuv-it and a kickflip. To even attempt the trick, you want to have shuv-its and kickflips down. I know that when you mix a kickflip and shuv-it, you get a varial flip, but thats really all you need, atleast thats how i learned them. Alright, so lets get started. First your going to want to put your back foot on the furthest section of concave in your tail from yourself; this is going to giove your almost the entire motion of the 360 flip. Now your going to want to put your front foot in your kickflip position; this foot will be the guide, to keep the board under you. You scoop with your back foot just about as hard as you can, and flick out with your front foot. the board will preform a mix of a 360 shuv-it and a kickflip, wait for the griptape to come around and stomp it down. You have just completed a 360 flip.