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The CPS Mission is to:

1) Preserve the spirit of the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration, its history, tradition, and reality.

2) Promote art as a cottage industry, by educating government officials and the public regarding the importance of art in the local economy.

3) Stimulate greater governmental and public awareness and appreciation of the importance of artistic and cultural activities to the people·of Monroe County.

4) Create documentation of Monroe County artistic and cultural activities for the education of the community.

5) Encourage the use of public land for artistic and cultural purposes which would benefit the community as a whole by enriching the cultural experience of the citizens.

6) Support and implement the preservation and growth of the county's artistic and cultural activities.

7) Secure a permanent location and funding for a Culture Center which will serve as a training center, workplace, and exhibition site for local artists.

8) Encourage the formation of schools and training facilities for the arts in Key West.

9) Provide funds for the legal defense of artists who are illegally arrested in the course of their profession.

10) Participate in locally organized cultural events.

11) Organize and sponsor such activities as exhibitions and lectures.

12) Encourage and implement opportunities for Monroe County residents to participate in artistic and cultural activities.

Organizational Structure

  1. General Membership- The general membership consists predominantly of the participants of Sunset Celebration.

  2. Board of Directors- Volunteer body elected annually by the general membership to oversee all activities involving Sunset Celebration.

  3. Participation Committee- Volunteer entity approved by the board of directors who's primary job is to ensure the authenticity of art exhibited at Sunset Celebration.

  4. Performers Committee- Volunteer body compromised of and elected by Sunset performers to address issues involving entertainers. Sits at the pleasure of the Board.

  5. Pier Managers- Paid employees to manage the day to day activities of Sunset Celebration.

  6. Clean up persons- Paid employees who clean up after Sunset Celebration.

  7. Web Administrator- Manages Sunset Celebration Web Site.


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