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For this project we had to create a website. As we were creating a website, we had to include certain aspects. Those included, a flash document, a home page,

a navigation bar, a footer, and a logo. Those are just some of the things that it takes to make a webpage. The hardest part of making a website is actually

making all the different links and thinking what to make the links. The least challenging part was adding the same things to each link so all the pages would have

familiarity. For this task I met proficiency and used technological and written formats (1.1, 1.2). I did this by using programs such as Macromedia

Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. I also had to go back many times and use problem solving skills in order to make sure my website was working

properly (1.4). As this project was going on I had to make sure I was being independent and managing my time correctly so I could finish on time (2.1). Over

all I think this project helped me understand what goes into making a website and how much patience that goes into it.


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