For this web design project I chose to create a website about the sport of tennis. I constrcuted the web site in dream weaver and made a flash through Macromedia Flash. Some requirements were needed for the project. Those included, a flash document, a home page, a navigation bar, a footer, and a logo. The most challenging aspect of this task was organizing all my thoughts, pictures and words to make an appealing web page. Also, citing all the pictures and making sure the links worked was just as time consuming. The least challenging aspect of this assignment was setting up the pages so they matched the other pages setup. For this task I met proficiency and used technological and written formats (1.1, 1.2). I never knew what dreamweaver or flash was before I entered this class and I made a whole website through it. Also, I met standard (2.1) because I demonstrated independence by completing my work all by myself. To sum things up, I think this has made me grown more confident in my computer skills and I now understand that great websites take time.


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