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2008 NSSA East Coast Championships

Event: 2008 NSSA East Coast Championships
Conditions: Four solid days of surf blessed this year’s contest, with Saturday and Sunday sporting waist- to chest-high chunks slightly crossed up by a moderate ENE breeze.
Nature’s Call: NSSA Executive Director Janice Aragon claims ol’ faithful Sebastian Inlet has never let her down; this year was no different. “I even saw groundswell here,” Aragon boasted. “I’ve never seen that at Sebastian.”
Predicted: Evan Geiselman joins CJ and Martinez as the next poster goofyfoot for the NSSA. After breaking Eric Taylor’s record for most regional titles last year, “Geiselgrease the Younger” won Explorer Boys, and Open Airshow and the Open Juniors division, to increase his record number of titles to 12. But it was another young Hurley rider who ultimately stole the show.


Final results of the 2008 NSSA East Coast Championships:

1. Michael Dunphy
2. Liam Michelbrink
3. Evan Geiselman
4. Nick Rupp

1. Jasset Umbel
2. Ariel Engstrom
3. Alexis Engstrom
4. Jennifer Morris



Kelly Slater Wins The Rip Curl Pro

Kelly Slater (USA) has further asserted that he is the best surfer on earth after winning the Rip Curl Pro pres. by Snickers today. Launching a huge air to earn a last minute score and beat Bede Durbidge (AUS)in the final, the 36-year old has claimed his 36th event win and rung the bell for the third time.

“It feels awesome; it feels really good, ” Slater said. “The Bell is arguably the best trophy you can win in surfing. I do have a couple, but to get there and have the chance and get a third one feels really good. I’ve just joined my good friend Sunny (Garcia) with three, and I think MR (Mark Richards) and MP (Michael Peterson) have four or five – those guys are crazy.”

Slater trailed Durbidge for the first 27 minutes of the 30-minute affair. Surfing his fourth heat of the day, the 8X ASP World Champion was tired and had all but given up.

“I thought Bede had me,” Slater said. “I wasn’t trying to worry too much or stress – I was happy just to be in the Final – but before the heat I heard Rabbit (ASP President) say something about going up to Rincon so I thought I would sneak up there to see what I could find.”

What he found was a ramp from which to launch a daring double-grab aerial. He was awarded an 8.83 (out of 10.00) for the massive maneuver and took the lead.


Tahiti: The Alpha Team

Even within the fighter pilot culture of the pro surfing, brothers Bruce and Andy Irons are still a mach above the most stalwart heroes of the reef. The difference? These two break the sound barrier every time they paddle out. Pushing themselves over the ledge time and again with a loose playfulness that can be maddening to peers, joyful to fans and natural to themselves. Perhaps this is their secret. Making a playground of out of the torture chambers that roar in out of the blue expanse, pull the pin and explode onto this domed reef. Like bullfighters, the brothers do not mock their adversary, but move intimately within the realm. Avoiding the horns, making it look elegant, pleasing the crowd, accomplishing the impossible. And Bruce admits another secret: They always watch each other surf this wave. Telepathically connected. Choosing lines for each other. Guiding each other through the thunder with their eyes and a combined will. Connected between the ether of thought and mass. There is great beauty in this. Silent teamwork. We뭭e seen it too many times now to doubt.

Unlike any brothers that have come before, they have made a home of the death tubes of Teahupoo. For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And then there the Irons brothers. Surfing MC squared.


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