ABOUT: Elizabeth Swanns is the governors daughter. Her character is very independent and high spirited. She always had a fond for pirates since they are very aggressive and wild. She becomes a pirate and learns the pirate life from her lover Will Turner, and her experiences with Jack Sparrow. She knows how to handle swords, has a natural leadership ability, she has a talent for battle strategy. She is a rough person through being a pirate who is aggressive, brave, and loving. QUICK BIO: Keira Knightly was born on March 26, 1985 to the parents of Will Knightly and Sharman MacDonald. She asked for an agent at three, she didn't get one untill her parents gave in at age six. The deal between her parent was (she was dyslexic) if she studyed hard in school she could work on productions that didn't interfere. In 1994 she completed her first movie.
Keira first big breakthrough was Bend it Like Beckham which was an unexpected success. The disney role of Elizabeth Swann had brought success for her in the movie since it was a box office hit. Her fans keep growing, and so has her fame.
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