The assignment we were assigned to do was to create a website with external links about a topic we choose to do. In this assignment, I learned how to create a webpage, create assets for the page, and make a flash that we had to put onto our web page. The process used to learn the content was in class, we were assigned practice web pages, and to do that were taken from the book. We took quizzes on the material we needed to learn to do the web design. We also were introduced to Flash which is a computer program to create animations from slides. The Flash was then transferred onto our webpage. The most challenging aspect of the common task was the flash, It was very confusing material. You needed to know what you were doing because it was different steps for everything that you wanted to do. If you didn’t know it, the material didn’t work and something would be wrong. The least challenging aspect t of the common task was creating the website itself. All of the information was researched online, and the tables were very easy to create and design. For Academic Learning Expectations we showed 1.1 communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological format and 1.4 demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information. We used written material in the website the researching and then putting into our own words. If we had a question, we had to ask it with higher level thinking because if you didn’t explain it right, it wouldn’t make sense. The tools on Dreamweaver had to be used correctly or else the website or whatever we were doing wouldn’t be correct. For Social and Civic Learning Expectations we showed 2.1 demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration. Our website had to contain certain features, and we had to create these features to have them, like pictures. This common task has helped me as a student because in the future, I am sure I will be asked to create a website, if it’s forced or if I wanted to do it myself.

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