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Here is a list of the Dos and Dont's of Prom Fashion. If you follow these rules you are sure to look your best at Prom.
The Do's
The Dont's
1) Pick your style ahead of time. Know what you want. Do you want a short gown or a long one? Do you want an elaborate gown or a simple gown? 1) Don't wait until the last minute to find your dress. Plan, Plan, Plan!
2) Know what colors look good on you. If you have no idea what colors you look good in, it will take you awhile to find your perfect prom dress.

2) Don't over do it. Don't get a extravagant dress then over accessorize then get a fancy up do. Keep it natural.

3) Buy a shoe that feels comfortable. You don't want to be wearing shoes that are very uncomfortable the whole night 3) When purchasing flowers for your date, keep it classy and talk to your date before hand to see what they would like.
4) Keep your accessories simple and classy. Wear pearls or silver looking jewelry. The only time you should wear detailed jewelry is if your dress is a blain color and very simple. 4) Even though hair looks pretty down, i strongly advice you to put it up. The curls will come out and you will just end up being annoyed.
5) Bring a clutch. In your clutch have deodorant, makeup, phone, and any other accessories. 5) Don't wait until the last minute to see what you look like at prom. Have a dress rehearsal. Have your hairstyle, makeup, and accessories and put it all together then decide if you like it or not.
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