All Different Positions
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A catcher that runs the game and keeps the lineup in order in all plays is a key catcher. Catchers can play the position of the on-field manager. They also always have to tell everyone on the field what to do when the ball is hit to them, like right before. So when the ball is in the outfield the catcher will normally tell you where to go or if you need a cut.


For a Pitcher you mainly want to through strikes. Not so much all the time, like you can mix it up with change ups, fast balls, curve balls, and drop. Not only do you have to pitch the ball but you have to cover home plate when the pitch is overthrown or goes by the catcher so if there is a runner is on third so they don't steal home.

1st Base

First, when the ball is hit, the first baseman needs to be able to get back to the bag and set a good target for the throw for an out. Also when the ball is released this person needs to sneak towards the batter in case she bunts the first baseman’s job is to get it and throw it to the 2 nd baseman that should be covering 1 st. The tricky part about first is you have to stretch towards every ball even if it is a bad throw.

2nd Base

To play 2nd base, you have to stay low incase a grounder is hit. And always be ready to cover first. Say there is a bunt, you have to be covering 1 st base because the 1 st baseman should be getting the bunt. Say a grounder was hit to 1 st baseman and it’s a slow one and she goes for it, then the 2 nd Baseman should be covering.

3rd Base


Having a strong arm is most likely the major asset a third baseman in softball can have. In a close game, the third baseman needs to play close to the baseline to lookout against any extra-base hits. Lastly the third basemen should always be aware that when there is someone on 1 st base they are most likely going to bunt. This means they should be up towards the batter so they can quickly throw it to the 1 st basemen.

Short Stop

When there is a runner on first base, it is most important the person playing short stop runs to cover 2nd base when the ball crosses the plate in case the runner on first steals. Also you have to stay low for grounders because usually you always get those. Also most important you have to back up third base on a steal. Sometimes you have to actually cover 3 rd base on a bunt. Lastly when playing shortstop you have to be cuts for both center field and left when a fly ball is hit to them and passes them.

Center Field

For a center fielder they probably have the hardest job as an outfielder. They have to back up left and right field when it’s hit to them in case they miss it. Also they have to back up 2nd base on a steal incase the person covering the bag misses it. Lastly, they have to tell the whole infield where the next play is because they can see it all.

Right Field

To play right field, you have to always back up the 1 st baseman. Wither there is a throw or if it’s a hit. And if there are people stealing a base then since you’re farthest away you have to yell and tell everyone that the runner is going. Those are the main thing you have to do but obviously if a ball is hit to you try and catch it of course.

Left Field

In order to play left field in softball, you always have to be aware. You have to back up third base on a steal and you have to cover it on a bunt sometimes if the shortstop is busy. Also you always need to know where you’re going to throw it when the ball is hit to you.

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