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Ali Castrovillari

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

8 June 2010

When I created my web page I learned tons of different things. I learned how to use technology that before I was completely unaware of. I have also learned skills I will use for years in the future. In order to complete this project I had to complete this process. I had to learn the programs of Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash to understand their workings. I then created the site planning for my web page. Next, created my web page in Dreamweaver and create the flash I used on my Flash page.

The most challenging aspect of the task to me was making the flash. I had to make my own flash of a softball bat hitting the ball. This was confusing and frustrating to me because I had to redo it to make the field perfect. But I finally got it down. The least challenging aspect of the task to me was putting the information on the Dreamweaver site. I thought that was easy because I got enough information and put it all into a table.

First, I have met standard 1.1, communicating effectively using oral, written, and technological formats. I met this standard by using written and technological formats. To meet this standard I worked independently to make my website. Next, I have achieved standard 1.4, demonstrating a use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information. I met this by solving several problems throughout the creation of my web site. I used Dreamweaver and Flash and continued to create my site. Lastly, I have met standard 2.1, demonstrating independence and collaboration, by working effectively alone and with others. I have been able to help others and work efficiently individually to complete this project. I met this standard by independently finishing my website. I have now learned what I need to know so I can create my own web sites.
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