Louis Vuitton
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"1821 - Louis Vuitton was a famous Malletier born on August 4th in Cons-le-Sannier, France.

1835 - He walked the 250 miles to Paris to become an apprentice to the famous Malletier (trunk-maker) Marechal.

1854 - He formed a company to make high quality luggage. Right from the beginning, Louis Vuitton insisted on extraordinary quality and artisanship, catering to the rich people who appreciated the beauty of his products.

1872 - Introduced the striped red and beige color scheme which has remained instantly recognizable.

1876 - Invented the wardrobe trunk, which had a rail inside and small drawers.

1885 - Louis Vuitton opened his first London store.

1886 - His signature LV monogram was introduced.

1888 - His check board canvas design was introduced with the help of his son Georges.

1892 - Louis Vuitton died on February 27th in Asnieres, France, and his son Georges Vuitton carried on his company. French fashion and luggage designer"(s9.com)

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