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A few steps to help you surf...

1. Wait for a good wave, it is best to take the last wave of the set so when you paddle back out you wont be going through a lot of white water.

2. When the wave is a few feet behind you, paddle as hard as you can. Paddling hard helps you get into the wave, and sometimes can get you more speed while on the wave.

3. Once you think you have caught the wave, count to 3 to be sure you are on the wave, this reduces the risk of falling as soon as you try to get up.

4. Next, push up on your arms like you are about to do a push up, and swing your feet up so you are in a crouched position.

5. Stand up from the crouched position, still keeping knees slightly bent so it is easier to turn your board in the directions you want to go.

6. Ride the wave.

June 8, 2010 12:58 PM