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About Surf Competitions I have been in:

- I surf in competitions run by ESA (Eastern Surfing Association)

- When I surf, I surf for the Gansett Juice team if it is for teams, I also surf individually

- Last year I participated in many surf competitions, including some out of state competitions

"14-year old Courtney Sutherland of Narragansett, shook off the cold, and tore up the surf in several categories. The diminutive hot dogger won three divisions in the 32 degree water. She took the Girls, Menehune Longboard, and Menehune Bodyboard crowns." Women Open
1.Nora Vasconcellos
2.Courtney Sutherland
3.Katie Ryan
4.Ashley Baron
1. University of Rhode Island Surf Club
2.Gansett Juice Surf Shop
3.Bishop Hendricken High School Surf Club
4.Levitate Surf Shop


June 4, 2010 1:45 PM