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Courtney Sutherland

Mr. Herz

6/3/10 1.1, 1.4, 2.1

Surfing Website Reflaction

For this task, I had to create a website based on a topic of my interest. Three skills I aqcuired for the completion of this task were orginazational skills, skills to understand how to use the application, "Dreamweaver", and also being able to understand how to make a flash document. The process I used to learn the content of the task were learning how to use dreamweaver and flash in class, and doing class assignments that helped us learn how to operaate the content on our own.

The most challenguing aspect of this assignment making the flash, this was difficult because throughout the year, flash was not my easiest portion of the class, so I had to work harder to get it to work. The least challenging aspect of this assignment was doing the things on dreamweaver, this was easy because dreamweaver is layed out in a way that is easy to follow and is easy to understand.

I met many standards through the completion of this task. First, I met standard 1.1, communicate effictively using oral, written, and technological formats, by sucessfully making my website for a technological format. Secondly, I met standard 1.4, demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and stratagies though anakysis and synthesis, because I figured how to make my flash, and everything else work with my website. Lastly, I met standard 2.1, demonstrate the behaviors for independence and collaboration, by indepentently making my site. I learned that I work well under time cinstraints, I will use this in my future when I am in college and need papers due ontime.