The Beatles didnt always have the members that are well known today. Some of the original members either left or were replaced. This is a list and short bio of the well known members of The Beatles.

John Lennon

John lennon is the founder of the band as well as lead singer. he with his school friends formed a band which eventually grew into a national sensation. he wrote many of the songs with his other band member Paul McCartney. Throughout his life, john struggled with problems dealing with drugs. After the band disbanded he was shot in killed at the door of him home in New York City. Many people enjoy his songs even to this day

Paul McCartney

British vocalist, songwriter, composer, bass player, Paul McCartney worked with the beatles from the day they were formed to the day they disbanded. He and John Lennon wrote many of their songs together. even though john is dead paul still lives and tours the country yearly

George Harrison

Lead guitarist for the beatles, george harrison played for the beatles and lived until 2001 when he died of Cancer

Ringo Starr

His real name is Richard Starkey but many know him as ringo starr. He is the drummer for the beatles but Occasionally sung songs for the beatles as well as their guitarist George. Ringo was not their original drummer but was hired after their first drummer was fired. Out of the 4 members of the Beatles, Ringo and Paul are the only ones who still tour are the only ones still alive.