History of the Javelin

The Javlein spear and/or throwing sticks were first invented and used at the end of the Paleolithic age (400,000 years ago). They were found in parts of Germany,France, and Britain. Javelins were then reinvented in Ancient Greece. The Greeks used the Javelin not only for hunting, but as well for war. Peltasts, who were part of the army/infantry, were armed with several Javelins. The Javelins first became an official game/competition in the Greek olympics or Crown Games. The Javelin spear was also common in Rome for hunting, competitions, and warfare. The Roman/Greek warriors didn't always throw their weapons. The javelins could be used with a shield to keep/kill an enemy at a distance. The Peltasts would throw all but one of their Javelins at the beginning of battles, and use the one they saved in hand-to-hand or approaching combat.
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