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Club Hell

Located in Downtown Providence literally beneath sister enterprise "Jerkey's Live Music Hall", Club Hell presents some of the best up-and-coming bands since the shutting down of The Livingroom. Many new bands hold their first shows here, and the exact list of players includes Acarius, Neomura,War Beneath The Waves, Astrela, The Hellbents, and Shadow of a Doubt.

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Famous for it's cheap shows in Providence, Lupo's has hosted talent from diva Adam Lambert to Rock Queen Halestorm to the Counting Crows. Their desire for talent is unbiased, and shows continue rain or shine.

Blaze's Billiards
Located on 1233 Main Street in West Warwick, custom painted Blaze's brings together the musical talent of Rhode Island Based performers. From teenagers to adults, Blaze's attracts a large variety of people to its venue.

Jerky's Bar and Grill
Located literally on top of Providence-based show hall Club Hell, less formally called "Jerky's" packs shows into their halls. A number of beginner musicians chose here to start their showmanship- with the venue located in the heart of providence, close to Kennedy Plaza, there isn't a way to go wrong.

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