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PHOTOS/Information: MySpace pages of Neomura (, VANNA (, The Hellbents ( and the FaceBook page of WeFellFromTheSky

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In this common task, I was required to construct a website based on the knowledge I obtained in quarter one and two of Web Design. Though tricky, I was able to create a work in which I am proud, that will inform the reader of the local musial talent which they may or may not have been previously informed of. Upon entering my website, readers will be shown an array of pictures which demonstrate the RI music scene. I demonstrated my ability to complete this task in an efficient and complete way.

The hardest part of this task was making the enitre website, meaning each page, aligned and in the same format as each other. If I could do anything different about this task, I would erase the videos and insert music- although videos allow for a graphic view of the music, there are more files alloted when just applying music. I was weary to add more than three videos, mainly becaue of the amount of space taken up by the video box. In order to place this video into my webpage, I had to obtain a code that was not learned in class- an embedded file code. This code allows you to watch video instead of just hearing music. When placed in the <body> section of your webpage, your visual becomes complete. The easiest part of this task was maintaining the theme which I chose. As a music guru, I had no chance of wandering off topic.

The standards I achieved while completing this product include 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2, and 5.1. I achieved 1.1, communicating effectively using written, oral, and technological formats by giving each category a description, and being clear and concise while completing my work.1.2, students are effective in the use of technology, was achieved as I was able to include more and better work than tought in the class. I needed not ask for help because I fully understood the tast in front of me and how to work the programs involved with creating this webpage. 1.4, demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information, was achieved when I was forced to challenge myself and question many portions of my research. 2.1, or demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration, was completed becsuae I was able to complete my web page independantly and without the aid of others. The completion of 2.2 (students practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software), was achieved while I completed my webpage and used the technology and information provided to make a skillfully constructed informational piece. Finally, 5.1, or students use technology to locate, evaluate and collect information from a variety of sources, was achieved when I used the web and its many resources to obtain information for my final product.

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