Neil Hodnett


Mr. Herz


Web Graphics and Design


8 June 2010


Web Page Reflection




Have you ever went on a website and wondered how it was made? In web design we were given the opportunity to make our own website! In this task we had to make a website about almost anything we wanted. A flash must be included and a work sited. Before we started this project we had to do many assignments with flash and Dreamweaver. Through the practice I became very familiar with the tools to make my website.


The most challenging aspect of the project was linking everything including the web pages and the pictures in the web site. It was very time consuming to link everything together and also link the pictures back to its original web site. The least difficult part of this website was finding the information about my topic to put in the web site. I simply searched for my topic and found a lot of information on it.


First, I have met standard 1.1(communicating effectively using oral, written, technological formats) by using flash and dream weaver which are different technology formats.Next, I have achieved standard 1.4 (demonstrating a use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information) by constructing my website from information I have leaned and information from researching. Lastly, I have met standard 2.1, (demonstrating independence and collaboration) by do this project alone and also asking Mr.herz critical questions. I learned to use flash and dream weaver correctly to make a web site.


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