A Spell To Heal Physical Pain


Sit in a quiet place and clear your mind. Take an amethyst (as clear as possible) and hold it in the hand closest to the pain (if the pain is in the center of the body or in the head, take the stone in your writing hand). Imagine a soothing light pooling at your feet and draw it up slowly into your body until it fills your body completely. Imagine the light creating a sort of aura around you, then silently say:
"Bright light, shining light
Heal my hurts with all your might"

After saying this, push all the light to the hurting area and focus healing energies there.

Repeat the spell as needed, and end the spell with "So mote it be".


NOTE: Physical pain can and is a symptom of serious injury. If physical pain continues after using this spell, or if the pain is too great, or if the pain is in your chest and/or you feel you can't breathe, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.


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