Equipment that is used...

For softball the equipment is to protect you and make sure that you do not get hurt in the least possible way. These pieces of equipment you use in the field and when you are up to bat. The uniform is a piece of equipment. Without your uniform you cant play in the game and also without the equipment you cant play.The equipment are:





-Softball Gloves





-Knee Socks and Cleats

You use the bat when your up to hit the ball

To catch the ball. If you are left handed you have a left handed glove. If you are right handed you have a righ handed glove.

Used to pitch and it is thrown

Only used when up to bat to cover your head so there are no head injurys.

Used only when up to bat to cover your hands so when you hit the ball it doesnt hurt your hands.


This is the top part of the uniform. It can be either long sleeved but mostly short sleeved.

This is the bottom half of the uniform. Pants or shorts will change for every team.

These are a pair of spandex shorts that most put under their uniform because when sliding into base they make sure you dont skid or scuff up your legs.

The reason they are so high is because again when sliding it doesnt skid or scuff up your legs. The cleats are beneficial for better traction on the field.



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