The rules of softball are...

Game Rules

There are 9 players on the field
The playing field is divided into an infield and an outfield
The lines between the bases are 60' apart and when joined they form a “diamond”, inside the baseline is known as the infield
Outside the baseline but inside the playing field is called the outfield
Any ball going outside the 1st or 3rd base line is a foul ball. Any runners on the bases may not continue to the next bag but if caught in the air the batter up to bat is out.
7 innings in a game
3 Strikes = Out
4 Balls= Walk


The pitcher must have both feet on the pitcher’s rubber and can only take one step forward while pitching.
The ball must be thrown underhand.
Both hands must be on the ball at the start of the pitch.

Base running

Runners must touch each base in order for it to count.
Runners may overrun 1st base only, all other bases the runner may be tagged and called out if they are off the base
Runners can not lead off a base, they must be on base until the ball as left the pitcher’s hand.Stealing is allowed but only in middle school-college level and travel.
After a fly ball has been caught the base runner must tag the occupied base before advancing to the next base
One base runner can not pass another base runner that is ahead of them
A runner is out if:

a. they are tagged with the ball before reaching a base

b. the ball gets to 1st base before the runner

c. they run more than 3 feet out of the base line to avoid being tagged

This is Danielle Smerbeck running to first base. Phot credit to Kristina Barbone

This is Hannah Lindsley in the middle of pitching. Photo credit to Kristina Barbone





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