Have you ever had the chance to make a website on something you love? Well, I did because during this class I had to design a website with atleast eight or more pages based on certain topic that I chose. I then had to make a flash based on my topic that had to be some what difficult but that also showed most of what my website was mainly about. I needed to know how to set up the website and how to do it in a good formatting like setting up the table so that each page was neat and organized. I also needed to know how to make the flash like how to make everything move and to make it some what realistic.This is important for the future when I take other computer classes or when i take the exam to help me get a better grade.

I thought this project was some what easy just because all the background skills I had learned throughout this class. But, it was also some what difficult because I had to make my flash more difficult then all the other flash i had done so I had to up grade my skills. I also needed to make sure I made all my picture have a link to where I found them I needed good and accurate imformation. But I solved these problems by asking for help or just trying to do it a different way that was close to the same way I origianlly was going to do.

These helped me as a student to learn more skills with computer and how to use them better and if I ever needed to I could make a website or a flash for maybe a future project in any other classes. I antcipate on using this in the future for my exam coming up in the next week or so or even in other projects if a teacher asks us to be creative about something I could make it into a website form or maybe even a flash form.