Have you ever attempted to create your own website? Well, for this common task, I was given the assignment of creating my own website on a topic I was interested in. I chose the topic of lacrosse, and I created the website with the knowledge I learned during the semester about creating web pages. The website had to include specific features, such as an index, or home page, and five other pages off of the home page. It also had to include a Flash animation, a Works Cited page, and a reflection page. While creating the website, I had to keep in mind the target audience and the purpose of the website. These were two things that I considered at the start of the common task when I was creating a plan for the website. From there, I went about creating my website as I had learned during the semester. To create the website, I used a program called Macromedia Dreamweaver. I learned how to use this program from the Web Design class, along with Macromedia Flash, which I used for this assignment as well. At the beginning of the year, I learned how to use HTML language to create websites, and this helped me when I wanted to change something I could not necessarily see on the “design” view of Dreamweaver (this view only shows what will appear on the website), and I had to go into the “code” view to change the HTML code. During the task, I demonstrated many skills. I used the skills of creativity and problem solving to complete my website. I also needed the skills of time-management and independency. I used creativity in this task because I wanted my website to be visually appealing, and I had to use problem solving to get around the many obstacles I faced when creating the website. Last, I had to use time-management because I had a time restriction and I needed skills for independence because I worked on the website by myself, and everyone had different topics for their websites so I could not ask them for help.

The first thing I did to start my website was to create a planning page. This gave me an idea of the layout of the website and which page linked to where, and I also included the target audience and the purpose of the website. After this was complete, I used the Macromedia Dreamweaver program to create the different pages for my website and link them together. I used the Macromedia Flash program to create my flash animation, which I put on another web page in the website. When all of this was put together, I had my final product. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome happened to me several times: the way I had designed a specific aspect of a page did not look like how it showed up in Dreamweaver when I opened it on the internet. I got around this problem by going into the HTML coding and changing it from there, but it was very tedious because this happened many times. This task really helped me understand web design because I had never realized how much work and time went into designing a website. I went in depth with the process of creating my own page, and this was a positive experience as I got to do it on a topic that I enjoy.

I have developed a lot as a student through the completion of this task. The biggest lesson that I have learned is to try to manage my time better, because I wish I had had extra time to review and make changes in the website and not have to worry about meeting the deadline. Another way I have developed as a student is by becoming more independent. I anticipate using these skills in the near future and in the time to come. Time-management is an important skill to have and I will need to use this on many long-term projects to come and in any tasks for a future career. Becoming independent is also a skill that can be applied to the same area because I know that I cannot always depend on other people to help me get work done. Because I usually procrastinate with school work and I was cutting it extremely close with my website, I should use the lesson from this task of time-management to help me get things done earlier and in a timely manner. Nevertheless, the skills I demonstrated in the task are ones that are very important and I will use many times in the future. Practicing them now will help me refine them so I can use them more effectively in the future.

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