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Greatest Line In All of Sports

Being terribly out of position.

Harry Holland

Demonstrating breakaway speed in front of baffled crowd.

The McGreens

Deep in concentration.

Master and Pupil

Passing the metaphoric baton.

Matthew McGreen and Coach Glen

After Matty was impaled by Glens stick.

Henry McGreen

Showing off his new dance move.

Captain Zach Humulock

Leisurely trotting off the field.

Humulock and Patrick Degnan

As Zach prepares to run off into the sunset as Degs watches on.

Reed Nelson and Jake Rost

As Jake prepares to poke Reed with his stick.

Robby Pratt

Threatening an opponent with the ball.

Matthew Storti

Walking towards the stage to drop a freestyle.

Will Gladding

Ignoring the action around him and getting out of dodge.

Captain Mitch Kennedy

Staring at disbelif at the events progressing downfield.