Narragansett Lacrosse
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Lacrosse is a sport marked by being fast. Fastest game on two feet, as well as the fastest growing sport in America. Narragansett Lacrosse in it's short existence has come to exemplify all of these qualities. The Mariners are an upstart grouped coached by the legendary Mark Chaffee, of All-American lore, who call Narragansett home. They currently play in Division 3, though at one point they called Division 1A home. The Mariners have a fierce cross-county rivalry with the Rebels of South Kingstown, as well as a former rivalry with the Crusaders of The Prout School. Narragansett Lacrosse is marked by hard-work, dedication, and discipline. It is these qualities that make the small school of Narragansett such a successful team, and what will lead them to success in the future.