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Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and now Harry Holland, these are the titans of the computer world. Harry Holland recently completed a common task that required him to design his own web page in Web Design. The assignment was to research a subject of our choice and then design a website based on the subject. To complete this task, we learned how to create a web site using Dream Weaver and a flash animation using Fireworks. We learned how to plan a web site and how to set up the pages. Practicing the websire design process many times was extremely helpful because it made the final product that much easier. Important skills for this task included were working on a computer and using the internet for reasearch, which I had done before. Other important skills were management of a research and design project and the use of web design software.

The process used to complete the web site began with research of my topic, which was the school lacrosse team. Once I had gathered all of my information, I designed the basic lay outweb site using Microsoft Word. An obstacle I had trouble creating a flash animation based on our school lacrosse team, but I was able to overcome this obstacle by looking on the internet for inspiration. I used my creative mind and persistance to work with the animation until the final result was something I could be proud of. I then created the final website using Dream Weaver. My web site worked, but I checked it over several times to be sure there were no errors. This task helped me understand web design by walking me through the process of creating a website from start to finish. I learned how to design a website, set up links within a website and how to create a flash animation for a website.

I learned a lot about technology through completing this task. I learned how to use web design software, which helped me to become more proficient in the use of technology and taught me how to responsibly use information and software. Researching my topic helped me improve my skills on how to finding, evaluate and critically read information. Using my research to write a web page was a good method for me to demonstate my oral, written and technological profficency in presenting a task. I used my skills of analysis and synthesis to take my research and create a web page from that data and information. Lastly, this task helped me to develop my skills and behaviors demonstrating independence, since I completed this task without any help. This task was very interesting as it gave me an outlet to let my child-like creativity and god-like computer skills shine through to the rest of the world.