Madeline Godfrey

Mr. Herz

Web Design

07 June 2011

Learning Reflection

How many people can actually say that they know how to create their own web site? I know I can! For this task, I had to choose a topic that interested me, and then create a website about it. The website was intended to inform people about my chose topic. I created the site using two programs; Dreamweaver and Flash. Before starting the task, I had to make sure I was comfortable and educated with the programs. In the classes prior to the task, I did many different trials and practice websites to prepare for the task. The flash was a big part of this project. It was very important that I knew how to use the program and to make an efficient flash. It was important for me to pay attention during this lesson and listen closely, or else I would be very confused and lost. I demonstrated good listening skills because I did what I was told in order to make one of my first Flash projects correctly. This skill is very important in not only Web Graphics class, but in all aspects of life.

In order to proficiently create my website, I had to first practice by making a few different websites using Dreamweaver. For example, I made a website about a Pasta Restaurant and another about Computer Ergonomic. In addition, I had to practice making also Flash assignments. To do this, we practice in class. I had to recreate a flash I found online and make it as close to the original as possible. During this process, one obstacle I encountered was the formatting of my website. The format I wanted did not always work on the internet, making the website not as visual pleasing or as I wanted it. In order to fix that problem, I had to keep on trying to fix my content manually, until I was satisfied with the outcome. This task helped me understand the internet, which I use every day, and the process behind every website I use.

The completion of this task was very helpful to me. It helped me develop as a student because it forced me to really use my listening skills, as well as my creativity skills. I had to make sure I was listening closely to instructions. Without my listening skills, this task would have been impossible. My creativity made the website better and unique. I am very proud of my website, due to my creativity skills. I anticipate using these skills in the future because listening is necessary in every aspect of life. My creativity skills will come in handy for many jobs that I am interested in. For example, I am interested in landscape architecture, which requires a lot of creativity.