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"I hate when you get to the point
where you just want to give up
You don't have any feelings or emotions,
you don't want to talk or see anybody.
You don't want to go to school, you don't
want to go out in public, you want to stay
in your room by yourself. You feel like nobody
understands you or what you are going through.
You feel alone in the world"


"When people look down on me I always find some way to laugh.
Because I know that those people wouldn't be able to handle half of
the stuff I go through in one single day"


"It really hurts knowing that he's done trying"


"Screw the haters.
Screw the people out to get you.
Screw the whiners.
Screw the people that cheat you.
Screw the people who are purposely rude.
Screw those who purposely lie.
Screw those who are greedy.
Screw the people who don't appreciate you.
Screw the world"


"You forgot about me as fast as it took me too learn your name"


"I've built so many walls around my heart
I would not even know how to start"


"I used to think of you as somebody who would never hurt me"


"Why can't you just let me make my own mistakes?
Let me go my own way.
Let me cry my own tears.
Why can't you just let me be myself?"


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