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Myspace Comments - Hearts Quotes by Dylan D'Aguanno...


"Get my quotes right ***** "


"I didn't invent the world, I just live in it"


"When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand money saying
if you don't know what I want don't try and get me a personal gift"


"I'm thinking"


"When you break up with someone,
don't cry about it, just make them cry about it"


"What will be, will be, so just chill"


"I'm not a picture person"


"I add ***** to the end of so many of my sentences.
It makes them sound like three times cooler"


"Life is only a ***** if you are a ***** to life"


"Live life while you got it just cuz it won't be here forever"


"I used to listen to this song every day"


"Don't staple yourself unless you are completely retarded"


"Life is like a box of chocolates,
you say you never know what you are going to get,
but honestly, you're just going to get ******* chocolate.
So get over it!"


"Score! Ah... d**m"


"Just like a story, at it's worst, it is difficult,
but after that there is the happily ever after"

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