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"Being uncomfortable in your in your own
skin is knowing that you are being watched
and your every move is being observed.
Do one thing different, make one move unlike
everyone else, and social outcast and humiliation
is observed. High school is the test of life as we
know it. If you do not learn who you are and learn
to be comfortable within yourself, you will never
know the real you and happiness within yourself
will never be achieved"


"Be yourself because nobody can be it for you"


"Girls, don't let girls call you names.
Because then guys think it's okay.
And they will call you them.

People follow other people.
It is just what teenagers do.
So be the leader.

Make the change"


"Because just one smile can make a million happy"


"Jealousy is seeing a part of someone that you wish you had"


"Guilt never leaves until you set it free"


"People hate because people want"


"Sometimes it is that one smile that keeps you alive"


"Life's not a chalk-board-- you can't erase the mistakes, but they do fade over time"


"Personal hate is seeing yourself in someone else"


"Being yourself is all you need to become something better then the rest"


"Being yourself is being the best that you can possibly be"


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