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Myspace Comments - Hearts Reflection

Have you ever wondered what it is like to make a real web site? One that can be viewed anywhere
in the world? Well, I and the rest of my class were given an assignment to create a web site on a subject
of our choice. The web site had to include several things including a flash animation. Links and work
cited had to be included in order for us to reach proficiency on this task. Before completing this task we
had to learn several skills such as creating a flash animation and learning how to make a web site
on Dreamweaver. I acquired a few new skills while completing this task. I learned how to use
a complex soft were to make a web site and also another soft were to create an animation.
Being able to use those kinds of soft were are difficult skills so learn and acquired. The skills that
we acquired are very important because web site making is crucial in the work place.


While completing this task there was a process that I had to go through to be ready for doing this
task. At the beginning of the year we had to learn how to make a web page using strictly codes.
Then we had to learn how to use Dreamweaver. After practicing making several web sites we
learned to use Flash. After all this we were ready to create our web sites on a subject of your voice.
While creating this web site I came across several obstacles. Learning how to use computer code
was very hard. I had a lot of trouble shooting because my web site deleted a couple times because it
wasn't saved correctly. This task has helped me understand Web Graphics and Design because now I
know why it is important to know how to make a web site from scratch.


Completing this task has helped me develope as a student in many ways. One way was that it
helped me learn how to plan things out. Another think that helped me become a better student
was that I had to learn patience because my web site was almost complete a couple times and then
I hadn't saved it correctly so it deleted. I plan on using the skills that I have learned in this class in the
work place. Knowing how to create a professional looking web site is critical in the working world
because a web site for advertisement could be very helpful for someone's job.




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