Robby Pratt

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

13 June 2011

Creating a Website

Websites are very helpful to learn information about a certain topic like sports or a store. For this task I had to make a website using Dreamweaver about a specific topic that we were allowed to pick. I picked the Boston Bruins and made an informational website on the team. Then for the website I had to make a flash animation. To make the website I learned how to use the programs and practiced with them. During the task I had to use skills like problem solving and computer skills. These were important because some things I didn’t know how to do so I had to come up with other ways.

To complete the website I had to first come up with an outline of what my website would look like. Then I found information and pictures on the internet to fit my outline. I next put the information I had onto Dreamweaver on separate pages and sited all the information I found. Finally I inserted my flash animation into my website. I encountered obstacles during the task like trying to create a flash. To get through this obstacle I took a lot of time on the flash to make sure I had it perfect. This task has helped understand web design because I learned how to make a website and the whole procedure on how to make one.

This task has helped me as a student because I now have more computer skills and now can use these programs in other classes. I can use these skills later on in my school career and in the future. I can use them in a future job or if I start my own business.

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