Narragansett FFA


Chapter Officer Team 2010-2011

Chapter President - Taylor Koski

Taylor has been an active member of the Rhode Island FFA for the past four years. Taylor has held several leadership positions in this organization such as Chapter Secretary, State Secretary, and is currently serving as the State President. Along with being an officer she has also competed in several state competitions such as illustrated talk, floriculture, and prepared public speaking. Taylor Koski has served on the 2010-2011 Narragansett FFA Chapter Officer Team as the Chapter President.

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Photo By: Ryan Field

Chapter Vice-President-Max Ragozinno

Your 2010-2011 Chapter Vice - President Max Ragozinno has participated in several contests on the state and national level. He has participated in several after school activities within the FFA such as retoring the apple cider press for his eagle scout project. Max has been able to attend the National Convention for the past two years.


Chapter Secretary - Elizabeth Castro

Elizabeth Castro has been a member in this chapter for two years now. She has competed on the National and State level in floriculure. She has always been helping out at meetings and during the fundraisers such as the Winter Dinner and the Plant Sale. Liz has helped out with watering the flowers on weekends and over vacations.


Photo By: Mariah Sweet

Chapter Treasurer - Uriah Hazard

Uriah has been an active member in the FFA since his freshman year. He contributes positively in several instences throughout the year. Uriah's SAE is in the maple syrup production at the Narragansett High School were he recieved his National Proficiency. Uriah has competed in several competitions such as Job Interview.



Chapter Reporter - Amanda McGovern

Amanda has been a member of the FFA since her sophmore year of high school. She has participated in several competitions such as Opening and Closing and Floriculture. Amanda has given continuous support to her chapter through helping during the meetings and the Narragansett FFA Plant Sale for the last three years. Along with competing she has also helped with running the RI booth in the hall of states at the National Convention. Amanda has served on the 2010-2011 Narragansett FFA Chapter Officer team as the Reporter.

Chapter Sentinel - Ben Curtis

Ben has been a member of the Narragansett FFA Chapter since his freshman year. Right away Ben was interested in his SAE which is caring for the chickens at the Narragansett High School, where he has recently recieved a National Proficiency in. Ben has sold the eggs to teachers and community members, as well as holding the chickens stand at the Plant Sale every year.

Photos By: Taylor Koski