Narragansett FFA





Taylor Koski

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics & Designs

7 June 2011

Creating a webpage can be done on several different programs, one being Macromedia which is what I did in my Web Graphics and Design Class. For this common task I was able to create a webpage choosing the topic, the photos, and my own layout. Due to my extreme dedication to the Rhode Island FFA and my chapter I decided to create a website for the Narragansett FFA. One requirement was to have at least seven pages another was to have a flash document that I created. Throughout this last semester I have spent all of my classes learning the tools that Macromedia has to offer and how to use them. I was able to practice using these tools through example problems. There was a packet for each chapter that I had to read through inorder to understand the ways to manage a site. My main skill that helped me through this process was organization, this was beneficial when created the layout and planning page. Another skill I demonstrated was the ability to comprehend information, because I had to read the packets and follow through the practice web pages.

The process I used to complete the website was planned out a head of time. The first step was creating a plan for the website, including the list of pages and where they would be linked to. The second step was figuring out the age group and how I can make my website best appeal to them. Seeing as my website is based toward the members and their parents I chose to use a specific color theme. The colors I chose were national blue and corn gold seeing as these are the colors that represent the National FFA Organization. Another step was deciding exactly what would be on each page. I thought it was important for the members to be able to view photos from all of the events therefore there are links to events that have taken place this year and last year. The next step was picking the pictures I would use on each page. Once I chose all of my pictures I had to begin writing all of the information I wanted the website to have on it. Finally I was ready to begin making my flash document, we spent several days in class working on how to create a flash, therefore I was prepared. I chose to have my flash with animals and a barn, above the letters Narragansett FFA. After I completed all of the nessecary sites my webpage was complete. It took several days in order for me to produce my own webpage but I feel that I have work diligently. Some obstacles I encountered was with my flash document, I had just completed it and when I went to save it, my computer shut down. It was really hard for me to restart but as soon as I did I was on a roll and able to complete it in a timely fashion. I feel as though my second flash did turn out better than my first, only because I knew exactly how I wanted it to look this time around. This common task helped me to understand Web Design because I was able to create my own page on my own. This is alot different then practice problems because it went more in depth and I was able to control everything myself.

This common task has helped me as a student to better understand what we are working on in the class room. By creating my own webpage I was able to complete research and incorporate it into something I have complete control over. One thing that helped me specifically was being able to work on a computer and learn new programs. By understanding more computer programs I am increasing my knowledge in technology. Based on what I decide to do in college I may be able to use this skill again. Another time I would be able to use this in my future is if I decide to own a small business, I could create my own webpage. Overall I think this common task was really entertaining and beneficial to me as a student.