Tony Riley

Mr. Herz

Web Design

June 7, 2011

I know a lot about ice cream now. For this task I had to create a web site along with its layout. the web page had to consist of a total of seven pages containing information on my topic. The topic that i chose for this task was a web site about ice cream. One of the pages consisted of my work cited and my reflection. Also, my home page had to have my flash document that was related to my topic. The process that I used to learn this content was first learning how to use Macromedia Flash. Then I learned how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver. the skills that i demonstrated during this task was independence and creativity. That was important because i needed to come up with ways to make different designs and ways to represent the information and my flash document.

The process that i used to complete this task was making a layout for my web site that showed the connections between each page on a word document. An obstacle that I encountered during this task was not know what information to put on each page. I over came that problem by searchibng on the internet for different information. During the process of the completion of this task, I had no difficulties in having to trouble shoot the web site. This task helped me understand Web Design better by knowing which components to use for completing the site, while being able to visualize the overall purpose of the site.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student by opening me to different programs in the computer that could help me in the future for a future task. I could also help other students with completing thier own tasks.