Many people find themselves reading quotes and agreeing with what other people have said. Some people might even rely on quotes to get them through the day. For myself I am highly adicted to quotes. Not only do they help me feel better, inspire me and make me laugh but they have opened my eyes to how other people are feeling about certain things. For these reasons I chose quotes for my website topic. * All of the quotes found on this website were taken from various web pages, and they are not my material*

I was trying to find why people find quotes to be so inspiring and after a while I actually found the best answer to this question on yahoo answers, quite ironic if you ask me. "Because they precisely and definitively express what we know, recognize, feel, believe, think, accept, imagine, hope, fear, desire, acknowledge, and/or have experienced as a life truth. They are often easy to remember because they rhyme or are simplistic. We have heard many of these sayings since childhood from our parents. They sometimes echo what we know in our hearts and souls to be true. They answer a question we have in a way that we want. They provide the reverse of advice we've been given."- Unknown Yahoo User

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