When you surf your favorite web site, I am willing to bet that you never think about how much work goes into making that web site. Well in my web graphics and design class my assignment was to create my very own website. I found out that making a website isn’t that easy, and it has a lot of different steps. For the assignment I was required to pick my own topic, have it approved by my teacher and then I had to create my website. For my website I had to have eight web pages total. These pages included a home page, a reflection page, a works cited page and five of my own pages. I was also required to create my own flash animation for my web site. During our semester class we learned about using code, Adobe and Dreamweaver. In order to create this website I had to use all of the skills that I learned during class. Without these skills I wouldn’t have been able to create my website.

The first step in the process of making a website was picking the topic, personally I chose quotes because I am addicted to them and I thought it would be an interesting topic to base my website on. Next I had to create a website plan to plot out each page of my website. After that I had to collect different quotes and pictures while remembering to cite my sources properly along the way. Finally I had to put all of my pages together in an organized way using Dreamweaver. The only obstacle I had was making sure that my flash animation worked because for whatever reason it only works on my teacher’s computer. To trouble shoot this problem I loaded my entire website onto his flash drive and opened it on his computer to ensure it worked. This tasked helped me realize that web design is not an easy process, I created a very basic site so I cannot imagine what people do to create more complex web sites.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student because I had to learn a skill and then apply it. The content standards I met were 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2 and 5.1. I met these standards by learning the content in class and being able to independently create my own website. I also had to create this site so that it was easy for others to maneuver and understand. Most of all I had to be able to figure out any problems that came along the way by understanding how to use the technology although, I didn’t have very many difficulties. In the future maybe I will want to create my own website for a business or even for someone else. Now I have the required skills to do so. Overall this project was a good experience and I enjoyed it a lot.