Brandon Levitt
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics
31 May 2012
Creating a website
For this task I had to use the skills I learned from the class for the semester and make my own website. The website that I chose to develop was about the University of Michigan football team. The things I needed to know how to do were, I had to know how to work the program adobe Dreamweaver, and I needed to know how to make a flash animation on adobe flash to put on my website.
First when I started my website I went on adobe flash so I could make my animation, because I thought that would be the most time consuming part of my project. Second I started doing some research on what I was going to put on the web pages. Lastly I took all the information that I found and put it all on my different webpages on my website. The only obstacle that I had trouble with was actually putting the flash on my website.
In conclusion the completion of this task will help me in future classes if I would ever need to make a flash or a website. I anticipate using the skills I learned in order to do this project in other classes.



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