Devon Chofay

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

31 May 2012

Standards 1.1, 1.4, 2.1

The Website Creator

The great variety in Webpages makes the internet a fun and interesting tool for almost everyone. But how often do you think about how everything got there? Where did all of the web pages come from, and how were they created? This semester in web design our class got a firsthand look at the work involved to create a website, as we made ones of our own. Each student was required to define a topic of interest and create a multi-page website which fully described our topic. My chosen topic was the Los Angeles Lakers, and I ventured into the overall franchise, including links to some websites with Lakers on it. We were also required to create a flash creation to use on our website, and spent several classes learning how to use the flash program. Our class learned how to create a website in several stages. First we learned about the code, and were all required to create a website by just writing code. This was an important step in the process, because it allowed us to troubleshoot later on by reading and interpreting our code. Next we learned how to use a program called Macromedia Dreamweaver, which allows the user to visually create a website, and fills in the code for each command you give it. After a few class projects, we were ready to work on our own and create a website, on our own, from start to finish. Doing this required a lot of responsibility and willpower, because it is very tempting to sit at a computer and simply fool around, which at times, I will admit I did. However, my persistence was rewarded in the end and I had plenty of time to finish my site.

To create my website I first created a flowchart of the different topics I wanted to cover. I then defined my website in Dreamweaver and titled all of my pages. The next few classes I spent finding a few pictures on Google images to use on my site. I found that it was easier to both save each picture to a file and copy-paste them into a word document with their web link below so that I would always be able to easily find the source of the image. Then I made a basic design for the web page and essentially manufactured each page so that they would all look alike aside from the information provided. This was done for ease of use once the site is launched, so that it will be easy to navigate. After I had my webpage, I began to work on my flash animation. I made my animation by looking at the topic I was covering and what I wanted to portray. A big problem I had during this project was creating a flash as good as my first one. I put so much effort into the first one that the second one was nearly impossible to get to the level that my first one was. Even with all the effort, I still felt unsure when my website was completed whether or not it was good enough. However, thanks to the words of my friends, they told me my flash was good and at the end I was confident leaving my flash on the webpage. This task really gave me an understanding of how web design works. I got an idea of the time required to simply design one, and also learned many of the issues which commonly come up.

As a student this task helped me greatly. I learned that determination really pays off when you continuously apply yourself to a topic. The entire process was self-initiated, meaning I could either pass or fail, but it was all based upon my own actions and decisions. I also learned how to use various computer programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. These programs are very useful because knowing how to use them, and using them well, will open many opportunities for me, ranging from the courses I can take in college, to the jobs I can look for in the future. This task also gave me a firsthand view of how procrastinating can really make life harder. It drove home the idea that, especially in college, I will be on my own, and the grades I get are directly based off of what I do and the effort I put in. While that is three years away from now, this task has prepared me more than any simple math project would for the situations of the future.