For this common task, i made a website that was about a topic that we are intrested in. For my topic, i chose curling. the basics of the website i needed a home page, 5 or more pages with information, a works cited page and lastly a reflection page. To make the website, i had to know how to use two different programs Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and Adobe Flash Professional. Dreamweaver is what we primarly used to make our website. And Flash Professional was used to make our flash about our website, whick was located on either the home page or on its own page.Now with these programs under my belt, i feel as though i will have a much easier time with websites.

When using Dreamweaver and Flash, i had some skills that can help me with my time on the internet and in real life. One major skill that i had learned was being organized. This skill was very important for making a website and a flash because you have to know where everything is on your plan and outline so you can an easier time with your website making skills. So overall, i had i good experience with what i had made on my website and i feel that it is a fun experience and i reccomend that anybody who wants to learn anything about computers.

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