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Creating a Website

Everyday people are connected through websites on the internet.  Many people use these websites and most of them don’t understand the thoughts behind actually creating the webpage. In this common task my job was create my own website that had at least eight pages and a flash on the website. For the first half of the course we learned the basics behind the code of the websites and then moved into creating websites with a program called dream weaver. Even though we did have the new program it was still important to learn the basics before getting into something more easily done. To create the flash we used a program named Adobe Flash, I had to be taught how to use the program going from basic animations to the more complicated. Once I had Adobe Flash down I was able to create my own animations. Through this task I not only learned how to create a website and flash but the importance of keeping organized. When creating a website it is important to plan the information that will be placed on each page along which pages are connected with each. If I was not organized, not planned, and did not have the knowledge of how to make a flash and website this project would be impossible.

When creating the website, I first made a web plan. This plan laid out all the web pages I would have and the information that would be placed on each one of those pages. Then I decided that the easiest way to create the website was to collect all the information and pictures that I would use in the webpages and put them all together in the website at one time. Therefore I started my flash first, I created flash and used Photoshop to make sure the flash looked very realistic. This flash took classes of work but I could not be more proud of my work. I then found all the information for my website and began the final steps of putting everything together in one spot. Now that the website is finished I think of all the work that I put into the website and am amazed of how much that I learned in the class to create a website so complex. During the task I did not face any very difficult problems, but when I did get caught on a little snag my peers and I were able to help each other along to get to a great final product.

Altogether, this task has taught me to appreciate more of the things that I see online. I feel as though the people of today do not appreciate the websites that they use every day. The people behind these flash and websites work very hard to create something so simple and it is important for the public to appreciate it. Also, the completion of this task has taught me that I can do anything that I out my mind to. At the beginning of the course I saw other student’s web sites and said to myself “wow I could never do that.” I look back now and think that I was wrong for even doubting my abilities. The last thing that I learned was the importance to have a plan and stay organized because in the end your product will come out better. In the end, I am very happy that I choose to take web design.

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