Donna Martone
Mr. Herz
Computer and Web Design
31 May 2012
In the class Web Design I created a project/site about longboarding. In this project I had 8 different pages filled with information about longboarding. While doing this task I used skills I was taught before doing other project son Adobe Dreamweaver. The skills I used during this task were I knew how to make a flash and also link my sites very well. These skills are important for me because they will help me get a good grade on this task.
While completing this task I took my time and made sure everything was sited. One thing I found difficult on this task was getting a picture off of a website then making it the background on mine. Once I did this a couple of times though I got the hang of it. I asked for help from a friend a couple of times, and then I stopped because I knew what to do. This task helped me see how to make a website, and what to do if I want to use Adobe Dreamweaver again.
I learned how to use my time wisely and not cram everything in last minute. Like I am doing right now. This is not something I want to do again, so doing this I see what will happen if I do this again. When I take web Design again (because I will be) I will know I can’t do what I did this project, I need to do better.

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