A head is the object that holds the netting(mesh) which carries or cradles the ball when playing lacrosse. There are many different types, styles, and brands of heads to choose from.

Types- Offensive(Tends to be thinner and more pinched).

-Defensive(Tends to be wider and not pinched).

-Goalie(Can't be used for a normal position-Very wide center for stopping balls).

Styles- Pinched(Head is pinched at the center).

- Not Pinched(Head has a wider center).

Brands- Warrior








-Under Armor

Purchasing- When buying a head you can buy a head that comes with mesh already strung on it or you can buy an unstrung head that doesn't come with mesh strung on it. Buying an unstrung head gives you the advantage to custom string your head with different mesh which allows you to create a head that fits your style of play. Buying a strung head allows you to play with your head right away. Also if you cant string your head yourself than you would have to pay for mesh for the stick and for someone to string it. You have to weigh your options and choose wisely. Goalie heads are located in the strung ad unstrung category as well.

Strung Heads

Unstrung Heads


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