How To Play

Field Diagram


Objective: Score a goal by passing, cradling, and shooting the ball.

Lacrosse is an interesting sport with many complex rules, regulations, and equipment requirements.

Basic Rules: At all times there must be 10 players on the field (Includes goalie).

There must be a minimum of at least 3 players on each side of the midline at all times.

You may not enter the opposing goalies crease at any time.

You may not cover the ball with your hand or use your hand to grab another handle at any time.

When checking an others stick you must only aim for the hands and the shaft or head. Although you aren't supposed to hit the upper arms, referees are very lenient on this rule.

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Equipment- In lacrosse You are required to have ceratin pieces of equipment. This is for your benefit because this equipment protects you from injury.





-Protective Equipment

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