Lacrosse mesh is one of the many unique and interesting aspects to lacrosse. Mesh is used to string around your head to create a pocket wear the ball can sit and an area in which the ball can smoothly cross to pass and shoot the ball. This mesh allows you to cradle as well. Mesh is categorized in many ways and there are three aspects that make mesh great.

What makes mesh great-


-Shot Speed

Basic Types:

-Soft(Allows for easy catching and less hold and mostly used by beginners).

-Hard(Allows for a harder base which compromises catching and enhances hold, but mostly used by more advanced players).

Basic Mesh:

-Categorized by amount of diamonds across the mesh.

-5 diamond


-7 diamond

-8 diamond

-9 diamond

-10 diamond

Advanced Mesh:

-Besides all of the basic diamond mesh there are many other advanced types of mesh.

-These mesh styles can be found and purchased on JimaLax.




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