Protective Equipment

Protective equipment includes helmets, but more specifically includes padding and gloves.

Gloves are used to protect your hands against hit or checks to the stick. When a defender is checking or hitting you they are only supposed to hit the stick and gloves, gloves offer a protection to your hands when hit. Gloves could be split up into the categories of easily moveable and bulky. When a glove is easily movable it offers a wide range of movement to your hand, but compromises your bulky ness. Bulky ness offers a wider range of protection, but when a glove has a lot of bulk it looses is movability.

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The other area of protective equipment besides helmet's and gloves are pads, and there are a multitude of pads available.

Pads Include-

-Shoulder Pads

Guard the shoulders and somewhat of the back and chest/stomach from injury when hit.

Visit the link below for more information and to purchase shoulder pads-

Shoulder Pads

-Arm/Elbow Pads

Guards the elbows, for arms, and upper arms when slashed, although hitting these spots are illegal.

These pads range from large(covering your whole arm) to small(covering only your elbow.

You can find more about and purchase elbow pads here- Elbow Pads.

There are also pads that include chest protectors and rib pads, for more information click the link below-


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