Dylan Gershkoff

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

31 May 2012

Webbing Out

            What do a website and a spider web have in common? Well, they both start out with an extremely detailed plan and are organized in a detailed fashion. To start this task I found a topic in which to create a site about. I thought and thought and decided to create a website to inform others about lacrosse. I then created a plan to design, layout, and create an organized model of my website. I found my target audience of my website, the purpose of my website, drew a web like layout of the site, listed each page and the details of each page, and finally drew up a sample of my index to my website. Once my plan was completed I constructed a flash animation which took at least 50% of the working time I had. Once I had finished my flash I created my site. In creating my site I had to complete a home page with a flash attached or separate, I did both. Then I had to complete 5 additional web pages that related to my website topic of lacrosse, I created 6. Throughout the website I had to insert pictures and link each picture to the website as well as cite them in the work cited page on my website. After linking another websites work to my pages I had to also cite this in the works cited page as well as all the knowledge put into my site. Once all the details of my website were finalized I had to write what I’m writing now. Before doing all of this work I had to be instructed on how to perform these basic web creating tasks. I learned how to create a flash in Mr. Herz’s class as well as much more knowledge on creating a website through dream weaver. Mr. Herz taught me a ton of information which ranged from how to insert a flash to creating a footer. This was all helpful, but there were many aspects to this website that I went to peers for help as well as Mr. Herz. Some of the time I used my critical skills along with my problem solving skills to figure out an issue with the website and solve it or to find out how to create something I never had done before. Through this process I have enhanced my critical thinking and problem solving skills which will help me extremely throughout High School and the rest of my life. Obstacles I encountered when creating the website were not being able to find links to pictures I had previously found and put on my website, so I had to remove and change the picture. Also I had run into a time issue because I took a long time on my flash. Because of this I had to condense 2 or 3 pages into 1, but managed to complete the site with the required amount of pages. Because of this I had gone outside of the plan I made, but I feel this improved the sites organization. I feel as if now I truly understand and know how to create a successful website because if going through all of this stress and frustration. This task has helped me as a student by making me work through my problems while being able to use my resources, and I plan on using these skills throughout my High School career to become successful in my classes. After High School I also plan on using these skilled learned and enhanced in this class in life to be successful and get through my issues. The real question now is can I do it again.


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