The stick is also known as the shaft or handle in lacrosse, but basically all the stick is, is a stick that attaches to your lacrosse head to allow you to throw the ball efficiently. More often than not the stick part of the whole lacrosse stick is refereed to as a handle or a shaft, and the whole lacrosse combination of the shaft and the head is referred to as a stick.

Types of sticks:

>Attack- The most common stick used between mid-fielders and attack men. The shortest handle in the game and is lighter than all the others.

>Defensive- Longest of all shafts, and allows defenders to pry or poke a ball loose from an opponents stick. Used for mostly defense and sometimes used as a mid fielder shaft.

>Goalie- A completely different shaft than both an attack and a defender's shaft. Is in the middle of both with size and weight.

What makes a shaft great:

The weight of any type of shaft measures the greatness of the shaft, and depending on preference the shape the circular cylinder is also categorizes the greatness of a handle.

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Attack Shafts

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