Jacob Ragozzino

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

30 May 2012

Designing a Complicated Website

            For this task, we needed to pick at topic of our choice and make a website for the topic. The website needed to be appropriate for all ages, and needed to have at least 8 pages, including a works cited, a reflection, and a flash animation. The flash animation was made using Adobe Flash CS5 and was imported into the page using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. For my topic, I chose to pick dolphins because it was the first thing I thought of for some reason. My pages included the three required pages, a home page, a quiz, diet of a dolphin, human threats, intelligence, natural living environment, and local aquariums. After designing the website, we handed it in and it was published.

            During this project I did several task well, but some were not as well done as others. I found that I can complete flash animations quickly, and I can make them well. While doing this task, I also found that I can complete the layout of the website quickly, but when putting the content in, I find that I move slowly as it is a tedious and dull activity. Once I start moving, I can complete websites quickly, but in the future I need to motivate myself to complete the task more quickly.